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The main objective of the company is to provide the service of air transport of passengers, mail and cargo in the national territory and abroad and therefore the conclusion of air transport contracts for passengers, mail and cargo of any nature and develop the policy and general plans that adopts the national government in air transport for the less developed regions of the country.

SATENA SA, will continue to comply with its social contribution, in order to integrate the most remote regions with the economic centers of the country, to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of these regions and contribute to the exercise of national sovereignty of remote areas of the country, in development of the aforementioned object, the company may:


  • Provide rental services maintenance and repair of aircraft and accessory land vehicles; the same as the provision of advice to people linked to the aeronautical sector.
  • Act as general agent of national and foreign companies in the aeronautical and tourism sector.
  • Provide the specialized courier service, which consists of the transport of documents, merchandise and samples inside and outside the national territory.
  • Acquire and transfer to any title aircraft and equipment related to the aeronautical sector, as well as their operation, directly or through subcontracts, in accordance with current regulations.
  • Commercially exploit air transport services in all its branches including postal services in all its forms, as well as commercial, technical and scientific applications of commercial aviation in accordance with current laws.
  • Integrate the most remote regions of the country with the economic centers, to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of these regions and contribute to the exercise of national sovereignty in the remote areas of the country.
  • To collaborate with the Ministry of National Defense in the execution of the policy and the general plans regarding civic-military action.
  • Acquire locally or abroad materials, elements, equipment, fuel, spare parts, accessories and other essential items to fulfill its corporate purpose.
  • Celebrate and execute all acts and contracts of any nature that are necessary and / or convenient for the full compliance of the corporate purpose.
  • Acquire, usufruct, encumber or limit, give or take on lease or other title, all kinds of movable or immovable property and dispose of them
  • Take money in mutual give it in mutual, give in guarantee movable or immovable property and celebrate any credit operations that allowing it to obtain the funds or other assets necessary for the development of the company.
  • Incorporate companies and have an interest as a participant, associate or shareholder, founder or not, in other companies of similar or complementary purpose, make contributions in money, in kind or in services to those companies, transfer their quotas, rights or shares in they merge with such companies or absorb them.
  • Assume any associative or business collaboration with natural or legal persons to carry out related, related and complementary activities with its corporate purpose.
  • Acquire, possess and exploit patents, trade names, trademarks, industrial secrets, licenses, inventions or other incorporative rights constituting industrial property, provided they are related to the corporate purpose, grant their exploitation to third parties, as well as acquire concessions for their exploitation and other industrial or intellectual property rights.
  • Constitute real or personal sureties in guarantee of the obligations in national or foreign currency contracted by the company.
  • Invest funds or availabilities in financial assets, or transferable securities, such as securities issued by financial institutions or public entities, mortgage bonds, securities, bonds, as well as your negotiation, sale, exchange or lien.
  • Buy and sell, as well as import and export any kind of goods, items or merchandise related to the business of its corporate purpose or related to it.
  • Participate in tenders and / or public or private tenders or direct contracts.
  • Turn, accept, endorse, collect and pay all kinds of securities, negotiable instruments, shares, executive titles and others.
  • Promote scientific and technological research aimed at finding new and better applications within their field, either directly or through specialized entities, or contributions to scientific, cultural or social development entities in the country.
  • Establish and register business establishments that allow society to develop activities inherent to its corporate purpose, complementary and / or related.
  • Promote and establish establishments or agencies in Colombia or abroad.
  • Carry out the other activities indicated to SATENA, the legal provisions in force or the national government.
  • Promote, exploit and market flight hours of Colombian public force aircraft for the provision of passenger air transport services and specialized cargo.


In general, to enter into or execute all kinds of contracts, acts or operations, on movable or immovable property, which are related to the expressed corporate purpose and all those whose purpose is to exercise the rights and fulfill the obligations, legal or conventional ones derived from the existence and activities developed by SATENA SA

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