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1. Strengthen Social and Economic Support to the Regions:

Strengthen the state presence, social service and economic development to the community through air transport to strategic regions.

2. Maintain Financial Sustainability:

Guarantee the management of the Company able to fulfill its contractual, labor, and different obligations, also, to present positive results in its management that will allow to increase its assets and guarantee the resources for the fulfillment of the mission of the air company.

3. Improve Customer Service:

Provide the best flight experience with a high-quality service that truly meets the needs and expectations of Customers. The SATENA Flight Experience starts from the first contact of the Client with our Company (Contact Center, Travel Agency, Commercial Agency), including airports of origin and flight; until the delivery of luggage at the destination airport and a possible after-sales activity.

4. Develop and Implement the Safety Management System:

Ensure that the levels of security in the Company improve through systematic risk management processes.

5. Optimize the Processes of the Company:

Improve and innovate the Strategic, Mission and Support Processes in order to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the Company to reduce operating costs and operating expenses by continuously improving these processes.

6. Strengthen the Environment Work, Organizational Culture and Human Talent Development:

Reinforce the set of values, principles and beliefs of the members of the organization; offering ways of thinking that guide decision making and other activities for the development of the human resources.

7. Guarantee Technological Infrastructure and Information Systems:

Strengthen and unify information and management systems, through state-of-the-art technological tools, which constitute visible results in User Service, Marketing, Administration and Control.

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