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Principles and Values

SATENA officials agreed on the definition of four principles and six institutional values ​​based on the mission and vision of the Entity, which seek to guide and stimulate a unified behavior among the staff, always giving their best in all their actions both for its officials and for its users:


  • Dignity:Attribute motivated by self-esteem that characterizes relationships of consideration and respect for oneself and others.
  • Efficiency:It is a requirement of the actions whose purpose is to achieve the highest professional competence and the concrete results of the work performed.
  • Justice: impartially acts guaranteeing the rights of people with equity, equality and non- discrimination.
  • Righteousness:it is practical knowledge of what we should do or say, it is the material with which compliance with the rules established by ethics and actions is forged.
  • Commitment: Awareness of the importance of roles as a member of the SATENA Family. Means a permanently willingness to understand and resolve the needs of the interacting people in our daily work, always seeking to improve their well-being.
  • Diligence: fulfilling the duties, functions and responsibilities assigned to our positions in the best possible way, with attention, promptness, skill and efficiency, in order to optimize the Company's resources.


  • Loyalty:It is a correspondence and an obligation as regards to others. It is a commitment to defend what we want and in whom we believe. Those who are loyal have a high sense of commitment and this allows them to be constant in their affections and compliers of their word.
  • Respect: I recognize, value and treat all people in a dignified manner, with their virtues and defects, regardless of their work, origin, titles or any other condition.
  • Responsibility: Fulfillment of assigned duties with knowledge, security, efficiency and order in family and work personal life.
  • Service: I act spontaneously and selflessly with the permanent intention of helping and collaborating with others.
  • Transparency: It consists of communicating thoughts, feelings, proposals and actions in a clear, concise, simple and direct way.
  • Honesty: I always act based on the truth, fulfilling my duties with transparency, rectitude and always in favor of the general interest more than my own.
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