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SATENA´s Legal Nature

SERVICIO AÉREO A TERRITORIOS NACIONALES S.A. - SATENA, is a mixed stock company with public shares of the Central Government, linked to the Ministry of National Defense. Its legal nature that was authorized by Act 1427 of 2010, constituted by public deed No. 1427 of May 9, 2011 of Notary 64 of Bogotá, and registered under number 01486354 of book IX of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. The company´s corporate purpose is to provide the passenger, mail and cargo air service.

Its main corporate purpose is to provide the air transport service and develop the policy and general plans that, in the matter of air transport for the less developed regions of the country, the National Government adopts, contributing to the development and integration in social aspects , cultural and economic; as well as linking remote regions of the country to the economy and national life.

SATENA is the only public airline that has an obligation to make a presence in those regions where, due to geographical, public order and poverty issues, no other operator arrives developing the State’s objectives. Thus, the company fulfills a task of vital importance in the generation of economic and social development of the regions served, integrating them with the main economic centers of the country.

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